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The State of Biosimilars

The biosimilars market is heating up as patents on widely used biologics begin to expire. A must-read for manufacturers, this report is packed with up-to-date information to help you navigate the rapidly evolving US and EU biosimilars landscape. Find out which patents are expiring and when. Learn which new biosimilars are in late stage development and who the major players are. Understand the key factors driving adoption, and discover five things manufacturers can do to position themselves for long-term success.

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Value-Based Healthcare: Making it happen

Pharma companies have the capabilities, and expertise, to play a key role in value-base healthcare (VBHC). Now they must win over sceptical healthcare providers and other stakeholders. The case studies in this report from FirstWord and Vintura reveal how 3 innovative companies found their place in the VBHC landscape. They’ve forged partnerships that build strong relationships, create value for stakeholders, and, most importantly, improve outcomes for patients. Find out how they did it, and what they learned along the way.

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What is the Value of Healthcare

Moving to a value-based approach—one that focuses on successful outcomes rather than volume of care—could be the key to reining in out-of-control healthcare costs. This report from FirstWord and MicroMass Communications explores how pharma can make the transition. You’ll learn what constitutes value for healthcare providers, patients, and payers, and discover 6 key considerations for pricing and marketing in a value-based environment. Plus, an overview of potential reimbursement agreements, and candid advice from industry experts.

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Physician-Patient Engagement: the impact of digital technology

FirstWord surveyed nearly 200 cardiologists and endocrinologists from the US and EU5 to find out how digital health technologies are changing the way physicians engage with patients. Get the survey results, broken down by specialty and region, in this free report. You’ll learn how wearable devices, mobile apps, telemedicine, electronic medical records, and a host of other technologies are influencing health outcomes, patient behaviour, and treatment decisions. Plus you’ll discover which technologies are having the biggest impact.

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The Future of Medical Conferences

Virtual medical conferences are on the rise, for reasons ranging from shrinking budgets to more stringent regulations to shifting demographics. This survey report from FirstWord. reveals how conference attendance is likely to change in the next five years. You’ll find out how many virtual and in-person events healthcare providers (HCPs) plan to attend, discover what’s driving the move to virtual conferences, and learn how they’re affecting HCPs’ access to knowledge and education.

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The State of Market Access

Is pharma doing enough to adapt to the fast-evolving market access landscape? This free report from FirstWord breaks down key market access drivers, and evaluates initiatives already underway to contain costs, and realign capabilities. It also examines 5 important near-term challenges and opportunities—from innovative pricing models to patient-centred approaches and disruptive new technologies. Candid insight from respected market access experts adds ground-level perspective and valuable advice to help your company stay ahead of the curve.

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The State of Multichannel Marketing

If you think multichannel marketing means pushing the same message out to multiple channels, you’ve got it all wrong. A true multichannel strategy is about understanding what your customers need, knowing where they go to find trusted information, and engaging them with context-appropriate tools and content. This report shows you how successful pharma marketers create seamless, personalised cross-channel experiences that engage doctors, patients, and payers by giving them the right resources in the right channels at the right time.

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The Segment of One

Pharma marketers, your customer list is growing. Payers, physician groups, and more empowered patients are right up there with doctors on the list of people you need to reach—with a consistent message that somehow also feels tailored to each customer’s unique needs. Not an easy task. This report shows you how successful pharma marketers are using Big Data and analytics to map the patient journey, segment customers more precisely than ever before, and deliver relevant, in-context information to the right people at the right time.

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Webinar: New-to-Brand Patient Challenges—What's the Rx?

Studies show 30% of newly prescribed patients never pick up their medicines. That can have serious consequences for the 117 million Americans who suffer from chronic conditions. Learn how pharma can enlist doctors to help curb first-fill abandonment, and increase brand awareness in our free webinar.

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