Novo Nordisk launches patent infringement case against sanofi-aventis over insulin pen

Novo Nordisk filed a complaint with a federal court in New Jersey, alleging that sanofi-aventis infringed a patent registered by Novo Nordisk for its disposable insulin pen, the NovoPen 4 system. Novo Nordisk is seeking a court order that would prevent sanofi-aventis from selling its SoloSTAR disposable insulin pen in the US.

A sanofi-aventis spokesman remarked that "sanofi-aventis has not yet been served with the complaint by Novo Nordisk. Nevertheless, it is our policy to vigorously defend our right to ensure the availability of our products."

The FDA granted approval for SoloSTAR in April for use with once-daily Lantus (insulin glargine) to treat hyperglycaemia in patients with type 1 or type 2 diabetes. SoloSTAR is already available in Europe and sanofi-aventis is planning to begin selling the disposable insulin pen in the US later this summer, a spokesman said.

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