Study confirms higher risk of dengue in kids who got Sanofi vaccine - (NASDAQ via NewsPoints Desk)

  • Study data published in the NEJM reveal that Sanofi's dengue vaccine Dengvaxia increases the risk of severe disease in children who had never been exposed to the virus, as reported NASDAQ Wednesday.

  • "With the new data, we now know what is the best way to utilise the dengue vaccine," said Su-Peing Ng, global medical head of Sanofi's vaccines unit.

  • In the study, the researchers examined outcomes for 2384 children who were vaccinated and 1194 who did not receive the vaccine, finding those with no prior dengue exposure who were vaccinated had elevated risks of hospitalisation and severe dengue.

  • "Our findings support the hypothesis that in the absence of previous dengue exposure, the (Sanofi) vaccine partially mimics primary infection and increases the risk of severe dengue," the investigators stated.

  • Specifically, the research team uncovered a significantly higher risk of hospitalisation among children aged two to eight and a trend towards higher risk among those aged nine to 16 versus the control group.

  • Conversely, the researchers observed that vaccination reduced the rates of severe disease and hospitalisation by 80 percent among previously exposed children aged nine and older compared to the control group.

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