Adamas Pharma says its new Parkinson's drug isn't just a more expensive, long-acting version of generic - (MarketWatch via NewsPoints Desk)

  • Adamas Pharmaceuticals contends that its recently approved Parkinson's disease treatment Gocovri is more than just a longer-acting, more costly form of the generic drug amantadine, MarketWatch reported Tuesday.

  • The therapy, which was cleared by the FDA for the treatment of dyskinaesia associated with Parkinson's disease, is priced between $10 000 and $30 000 a year.

  • Company executives argued that the drug is a new chemical entity that is designed to be more effective, noting that it has invested more than $100 million in its development.

  • In clinical testing, patients treated with Gocovri experienced an increase in daily functional time of 3.6 hours to 4 hours, versus an increase of 0.8 hours to 2.1 hours for placebo.

  • Company management also stated that in a small study, patients who were treated with the drug exhibited statistically significant reductions in dyskinesia and OFF time compared to prior treatment with amantadine.

  • Adamas revealed that it will launch a patient assistance programme to increase access to the drug, adding that it will "in no way block a physician or patient's ability to choose or gain access to amantadine."

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