Janssen files suit in U.S. to block sale of Samsung Bioepis' Remicade copy - (Business Insider via NewsPoints Desk)

  • Johnson & Johnson filed a lawsuit in the US District Court of New Jersey seeking a preliminary or permanent injunction to prevent a biosimilar version of its rheumatoid arthritis drug Remicade from being marketed by Samsung Bioepis in the country, as reported in Business Insider.

  • In the filing, Johnson & Johnson argues that Samsung Bioepis' biosimilar of Remicade infringes on three of its patents.

  • "We have filed a lawsuit against Samsung to investigate whether their biosimilar [Remicade] infringes on our manufacturing process patents for Remicade," Johnson & Johnson stated.

  • The lawsuit comes about a month after Samsung said it won FDA approval to sell its biosimilar of Remicade, which is marketed as Renflexis in the US.

  • Remicade generates US sales of about $5 billion a year, according to the news source.

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