80-million-pound treatment fund to speed up access to new medicines - (BBC News via NewsPoints Desk)

  • Wales has launched an 80-million-pound fund to quicken access to new drugs, BBC News reported Tuesday.

  • The fund will provide an additional 16 million pounds in funding for Welsh health boards.

  • England and Scotland previously established similar funds to expand access to drugs, although they were limited to specific conditions.

  • Following establishment of the fund, health boards in Wales will be required to ensure access to new drugs following positive recommendations by the National Institute of Clinical Excellence and the All Wales Medicine Strategy Group.

  • "Our new treatment fund will deliver swift access to innovative new medicines to support people with life-threatening conditions in Wales," remarked Wales health minister Vance Gething.

  • "New medicines and treatments are being discovered, developed and tested on an almost weekly basis, offering the hope of a cure or a better quality of life for people with a range of life-threatening illnesses," Gething added.

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